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DC Company LTD womens shoes from Hudz

January 19, 2009


DC Pure Ladies Shoe

ONLY £44.03 

DC Pixie Ladies Shoe

 ONLY £44.03

 Made from soft resilient leather upper for durability, with foam padded tongue for added support and comfort and with improved perforated upper panel for ventilation. Made for comfort, made with style.


Womens Plain Lazy Tees

January 19, 2009

A range of stylishly designed, dynamic T-shirts, manufactured in comfortable fabrics and featuring imaginative, printed logos.

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All Plain Lazy T shirts are 100% cotton.




Ecko T shirts from Hudz

January 7, 2009
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New Era & Ecko Caps from Hudz

January 2, 2009

New Era Mafx III Cap



New Era Honors Ny Yankees Cap


New Era Batman Kaboom! Cap


Ecko ‘Da Edge’ Skully Cap


New Era Superman Dogear Cap


New Era Batman Dogear Cap


New Era Batman Signal Cap



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Ecko Clothing from Hudz

December 22, 2008
Ecko Evader Hooded Jacket.
This hooded jacket from the Ecko range features a modern black, white and purple colour scheme. A Mark Ecko hoody that will keep you warm for winter and beyond. It has a heavy construction, large hand pockets and a thick hood.
This has got to be one of, if not my favourite Ecko item on Hudz at the moment, the combination of the 3 colours makes it stand out, without being ‘too much’ and looking over fussy. Its bold, which represents Ecko as a clothing label.
Materials: 80% cotton / 20% polyester



Ecko 3D Envy Jean

Ecko 3D Envy Jean


 These 3d Envy Denim jeans come from the Ecko Unltd Modernism Collection.

Following the Purple theme these jeans feature a screen printed abstract stripe pattern, chain and year of establishment design on the back pockets and the below, back waistband. These jeans are designed to be a comfy, looser fit.

Again, not many British Sites stock these right now, so get yourself a pair whilst you still can, at Hudz.


Ecko Doubler Scarf

Ecko Doubler Scarf


Why not finish the purple theme with a double sided scarf from Ecko. Black on one side, purple on the other. Perfect for Winter.

material: 100% cotton, and includes an embroidered Ecko Rhino logo on either side.


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“Warriors, Come Out To Pla-ay!…”

December 16, 2008

Ecko’s Warriors “Come out to Play” T shirt.

If you remember or have watched the film and/or played the game then you’ll LOVE this T shirt!

And even if you haven’t seen the film or game, its still a  fun & bold statement t-shirt to wear, either way you just can’t loose with this t-shirt from Hudz!

Crew neck syle, using premium cotton fabric.
















Get yours now, at:

Or visit the Hudz website to see what else is available:

This product is in such high demand, if it is no longer in stock, just give Hudz a call or email them and they’ll be happy to assist you in finding out when/if it comes back into stock.


Tokyo Flash Watches from Hudz

December 15, 2008



The watch displays the functions by lighting up the number in the column that is needed. The watch lights up one number in each column to tell the time. For example: 1-2-5-3 would be 12:53.

The 4 icons on top light up when the mode is selected, from left to right, the icons read Clock, Sun, $, and a Martini glass.

The clock Icon represents the time and if it is in 12 hour mode and PM, the Martini Glass will light up also. Drinking is usually done during this time.

The Sun Icon represents the Day and Date. The digits 1 to 7 on the left side are for the days. For example 1 equals Sunday and 7 equals Saturday and the left two columns represent the Days.

The $ Icon, represents the Year. The $ sign means making more money year after year.

The Pimp mode light up function lights up all the lights in a fireworks like manner and automatically turns on at 7:00 PM and turns off at 1:00 AM (It can not be switched off). Gives the watch a look like it is malfunctioning, very cool.
Also when you press the time display button between 1:00 AM and 7:00 PM, the watch will light up once a minute for the next 12 minutes.

The watch fits all average size wrists from small to large. Only if you have a very small wrist or very big wrist it wouldn’t fit!




A leather strap and a brushed gunmetal black body with a total of 26 LEDs-

12 in the circle for hours

5 on the bottom for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 minutes past the hour

9 across the top for single minutes
When the button is pressed, the LEDs flash in a random cycle and then stop, displaying the time.




With full colored LEDs embedded beneath the ever present LCD interface, a single touch of the upper button illuminates the display in either blue, green, cyan, red, pink or orange light to help display the time.

As well as being able to select the color of your choice, Progression features “multi-color mode” which sends all six LED colors to the screen in rotation, glowing brightly to highlight the time.

With a custom engraved, self-adjusting wristband seamlessly engineered from stainless steel and finished with a neatly designed clasp, Progression is a bold and bright design with serious urban character.

Progression continuously presents the time with its LCD display so the time can be read immediately. The LED light guide really brings this design to life, especially at night.

Twelve blocks indicate hours in a clock wise direction and minutes are indicated by the digits in the centre of the circle. The date can be read in a similar way.

This design also features a Date mode & an alarm mode.


Tokyo Flash Barcode Watch

Looking for an LED watch unlike any other? This design features larger LEDs, making the colors really bright and super easy to see. Like the Pimp line of watches, this design is equipped with a light up function that starts at 6 pm and goes on to 1 am every minute.

The light up function is also activated when the time button is pressed during 1 am to 6 pm for 12 minutes after. The watch runs on 2 Lithium batteries that are easy to change. The strap is Solid Stainless that was custom designed just for the watch. Most $500.00 watches don’t even have solid stainless straps. Very well made and very solid.

The watch measures 2.8 cm across by 5.7 cm long and 1.3 cm thick.


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Be inspired with Mecca clothing from Hudz

November 25, 2008


Mecca Asian Psycho Zip Up Hoody

80% Cotton 20% Polyester

Mecca is a USA based, urban & streetwear company specialising in unique, stand-out clothing, taking inspiration from art, culture & lifestyles.

This black & white jacket incorpates bold lines & patterns to create a visually strong and exciting piece of clothing.

It is also available in a plain black colour and comes in sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL

Or, you can go straight to this item: